Approved as an official Certifying Organization for The President's Volunteer Service Award
Give Chances has recently been approved as an official certifying organization for the President’s Volunteer Service Award. It is great honor for us to bestow President’s award to our volunteers of the various programs and to recognize their great work for the society and community. The President’s award shall be granted once a year to the volunteers who shall be determined based on age of volunteers and total number of commitment per year according to the criteria of the President’s Volunteer Service Award Program. For more information about Give Chances' service program and President's Award, please email
Resignation of Ms. Jeong, a lead-teacher of Bergenfield School
Ms. Ju Young Jeong, who was a lead teacher at Bergenfield School, had resigned last fall semester. We are thankful for her efforts and commitment to the Give Chances After-School Program, and we presented her a certificate of appreciation with gratitude in May.
2018 Summer Give Chances Joyful Learning Summer Field trip - Musical Adventure
  • On a summer's day in August, we invite members of the Give Chances family to a field trip in Philadelphia.
  • Joyful Learning Summer School Children, teachers, and Joyful Children Choir leave for a musical at the Sight and Sound theater in Lancaster, PA.
  • We hope that this trip will bring the children closer to each other and allow them to share the fun. The trip will also be a musical, cultural, and learning opportunity, since the children will be able to gain new experiences. We look forward to welcoming those who would like to support this event.
  • Date/Time : Aug. 21st, 2018, Tues. (9am~8pm)
  • Transportation : Bus departs/arrives at Palisades Park, NJ
  • Musical: “JESUS” at Sight and Sound Theater, Lancaster, PA
  • Suggested Fee : $70 (Child), $100 (Above 13 years old)
    • Ticket, Lunch, Snack and Transportation Fee included
    • Free for the children and volunteers of Joyful Learning programs
  • Sing-up/Inquiries: 201-266-0726 or
뉴저지 교협 후원금 수상 소식
Membership Drive - Join us, Give Chances, Support Future Generations
Be a strong supporter for the dream of our future generations by becoming a member of Give Chances!
Donation for Give Chances becomes the seeds that change a child’s life and make a big difference to their family and community. Your monthly donation as a member of Give Chances is used to purchase books and learning materials for children and to provide a good education in the Give Chances educational program.

Membership Sign up /Information
  • Online
  • Phone 201-266-0726
  • Email
Keynote Speech of Dr. Kim, Executive Director, at Annual Meeting of Global Children Foundation New York
Dr. Sung-Bong Kim, Executive Director of Give Chances, was invited as a Keynote Speaker on Friday, April 20, at the Annual Membership Day of the Global Children Foundation New York. Korean mothers in New York founded the organization in 1997 to provide food to children in hunger around the world. The GCF is now an international NGO that has over 5,000 members in 15 countries. Dr. Kim gave a lecture entitled "What Men Live By?” and spoke about the importance of love and sharing. And he introduced the programs and services of Give Chances to the participants of the meeting; the members of GCF-New York and the invited guests including Korean Consulate General, Park, Hyo-sung.