About After School Program

Give Chances offers K-12th grade with a free after-school program that includes homework study, intensive literacy and fun activities. Give Chances provides a proper environment for children to achieve academic success and gain social skills by communicating. We try to enable immigrant children to receive the chance to feel more accepted and loved despite hard circumstances.


Homework Study: Grades K-12th

We help children one-on-one session with various homework assignments. The amount of time spent on homework ranges from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on grade levels and difficulty. We encourage students to develop approaches to their work own when they need help. The after-school program is great for students to share ideas and cooperate with other students.


Language Enrichment Program

Another goal of ours is to help immigrant children become fluent in English. In the United States, limited proficiency in English can become a large obstacle for children. We help students develop confidence and feel accepted in American society through our program.



In addition to academics, we want our children to enjoy themselves. We believe that children should have time to study and play in equal amounts. We teach children social skills, teamwork and discipline. Through music, sports and recreational games, our children can improve their physical and social skills with peers and volunteers.