One Chance Internship Program

Do you want to know how your dream job goes in daily basis? Experiencing first hand your dream job can give you clearer vision of what you want to be and help you crystalize your future plan. If you have any questions regarding Give Chances One Chance Internship Program, please e-mail

What is Give Chances One Chance Day Internship program?

Give Chances One chance Internship program is a "job shadowing" opportunity for high school students to spend 1 day observing and often working with professionals, investigating a career field and experiencing a typical day on the job. This experience is not for credit but greatly benefits both interns and sponsors. It allows a student to clearly envision their career goals, while allowing the sponsor (or prospective employer) to evaluate a student’s interests, skills and abilities.

When is Give Chances One Chance Day Internship program offered?

It is flexible and should be scheduled by the student and host organization based on their availability.

Do I get paid?

Yes, Interns will receive an hourly wage for their internship.

How do I apply?

Please click HERE to learn more about available positions. Click below to apply. our representatives will contact you after reviewing your application.